Founder, Futurist and Chief Executive

Paul Spain is Chief Executive and Futurist at Gorilla Technology which he established in 1997. Gorilla Technology’s core focus is all about helping small-medium NZ organisations utilise and effectively leverage technology and digital platforms in a way that makes them more successful. This includes day-to-day management and support of information technology (IT) systems through to collaborating on improving operational efficiencies and developing strategic plans.

In addition to Gorilla Technology, Paul has also founded Cloud Labs (cloud consulting services), ObjektCare (sculpture cleaning and maintenance) and Gorilla Voice Media and associated brands and Podcasts NZ. He’s well known for his appearances across media (TV, radio, podcasts, online) and as a public speaker in NZ and internationally.

Paul’s engagement with his clients focuses on helping them with solving business and technology challenges, strategic business planning, encouraging futurist thinking, and sharing ideas on digital transformation and disruption.

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