Microsoft have started offering end users the full release version of the Windows Phone 7.5 ‘Mango’ update for existing Windows Phone 7 handsets. This the first major upgrade since the release of Windows Phone 7 in late 2010 – offering over 500 new features. It’s a move which is expected to help Microsoft establish a stronger position in the smartphone market over the coming year.

The update appears to be shipping to a mix of handsets from different manufacturers and carriers according to user feedback online. There is also a technique to speed up the update process for those who are not seeing the update listed on their phone or via the Zune client.

Around 10pm NZ time on Tuesday, 27 September Microsoft launched a new website for Windows Phone 7 – with regional specific variations available locally including in NZ.

At a similar time they also updated the ‘Where’s my phone update’ page which highlighted that the Windows Phone 7.5 update is approved by every Windows Phone 7 carrier globally with the exception of Sprint (US) and Telefonica (Spain) who are listed as still testing the update.Within hours the website was updated to indicate that the ‘Mango’ update was rolling out to users.

As we announced on Monday the Mango update will load directly onto most devices – even developer updated handsets with interim developer builds. This is in contrast to Microsoft’s original advice when installing developer builds and makes life much easier for this community and others who had managed to gain early access to the various pre-release versions of the Mango operating system software update.


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