Have you heard about Samsung’s Galaxy note 8? This is arguably the most advanced smart phone in the world. I’d like to dive into that and see whether that statement is true. Is this the best smart phone ever released? Is this a smartphone that you should consider buying?

My Thoughts

Here it is, the newest smart phone to be announced globally and about to be made available publicly around the world. Samsung’s note 8 comes after a long string of releases from Samsung, and of course, their poor effort with the note 7 which was actually a very good phone other than the critical element the battery failed and some of these was catching fire, putting lives at risk.

Well, that all seems to be far behind Samsung. Now, the Galaxy S8 they launched earlier on this year has rave reviews and is sold in very big numbers. So, I’m curious to dive into the Galaxy Note 8 and see whether this is really the most advanced smart phone ever.

Well, let’s have a look through some of the features. So, you’ve got a phone that has wireless charging so you can just drop that straight onto your charger. Fantastic feature, still not something we’ve seen from Apple yet, so, that certainly helps keep Samsung ahead of the game.

What about the cameras? Because of course, Apple, with the iPhone 7 Plus had dual cameras on the rear that allowed for the very stylish Bokeh Effect and also had a zoom lens, the 2x optical zoom lens.

Samsung seems to have delivered something that is very much on par with what Apple offers today in that camera and you could arguably say that what’s in there is even better than what Apple is doing. So, in those regards, we can have to wait and see what the new iPhone delivers and whether the Samsung will still be ahead. But right now, I think Samsung is right at the forefront in that perspective. What else we got? Well, we’ve got the very fast USB-C charging as well, we’ve got a gorgeous 6.3-inch screen on the front of the Note 8 and this is a very wide format screen, something that certainly stands out in the industry.

Really, the only thing similar is what Samsung themselves and probably LG have done with their previous phones where we’ve got this sort of edge-to-edge image and an image that goes very close to the top of the phone as well as the bottom of the phone.

This stands out 6.3-inch screen, brighter than the previous Samsung phones as well. Other things, we’ve got a multi-window that allows the user to split the screen into two, be doing two things at once.

I found this very useful in my car when I was driving. I wanted to see my driving directions on my screen but I was also waiting for some communications from somebody, and I was able to see my incoming text messages as well. Very useful being able to see that and some incoming images.

And another thing that stands out is the DEX capability that we saw launched in Samsung’s Galaxy S8. That means you can dock the Note 8 and you can then use it almost like a full-sized computer so you can link it into a keyboard, a mouse, and a big full-size screen.

The one thing that has really been unique about the Galaxy products from Samsung is this little guy here, the stylus (shows the stylus pen). When you put the stylus together with the Note 8, that gives you a device you can do handwriting on, you can do drawing on, and that’s certainly is something that is very handy for those who choose to go down the track of the Galaxy Note 8.

That’s really all of the real major highlights for the Note 8. Of course, technical specifications, well, very, very strong there. Octa-core processors, 64gb of base memory. You can expand it too which is great. Micro SD expansion in there as well and 6gb of RAM. So, slouch on any of those regards at all.

What do I think overall? Well, I think this probably does tick the box as being the most advanced smartphone that we’ve ever seen in the market. But of course, Apple is very soon to be making their own announcements and we will see where Samsung stands after that.

For now, you can get online and actually they are available for ordering right now the Note 8. That will be available, depending on where in the world you are between mid and late September 2017.

Alright, that’s it for me. You can follow me – paulspain.com/updates for more about the Note and about the other things that are happening in the world of technology and business.