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Paul Spain is host of two podcasts – NZ Tech Podcast and NZ Business Podcast – a prolific commentator on technology and business related topics across TV and Radio (including ABC News, RNZ, TVNZ, Warner Bros. Discovery and NewsTalk ZB) and founder of Gorilla Technology – an IT Services firm focussed on helping small-medium organisation better leverage technology.

Paul says his passion lies in combining his entrepreneurial skills, broad technology know how and years of business experience to help individuals and their organisations succeed.

Paul’s specialties include business and technology strategy, social and online media, automating business processes, delivering technological solutions to business challenges – and being a futurist and encouraging future thinking.

Starting his technology career as a consultant and a technical manager, Paul acquired and managed clients including Microsoft, Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy & Mather and TrustPower, before establishing Gorilla Technology (IT Services) in 1997. This was followed by the launch of NZ’s first social network (WorldDJ.com) which lead to Gorilla Technology establishing service offerings focussed on digital media and custom software development.

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Neuralink: Brain-Computer Interface of the Future

Neuralink: Brain-Computer Interface of the Future

Over recent years Elon Musk has had a team working on something would seem to be science fiction. However, if Musk’s Neuralink is successful then one day people could utilise a Neuralink brain-computer interface to be able to quickly and easily control computers, robots, wheelchairs and more – with just their mind.

Robotics and Automation vs The Workforce

Robotics and Automation vs The Workforce

The World Economic Forum’s report ‘The Future of Jobs 2020’ states that the global workforce is automating faster than expected, with 85 million jobs expected to be displaced by the end of 2025. Fortunately, the World Economic Forum indicate the robotic revolution...

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