Guess what we have? The next thing in computing has just arrived from Intel, it is the compute card. We used to have big computers, smaller computers, varying sizes but this takes this down a notch further, to a little credit card-sized computer, 5 millimeters thick.

My Thoughts

So we’ve got used to having a whole range of computers available to us and since the A.D’s, the personal computers’ been pretty common.

The Mac, it is very popular devices in varying forms, laptops, tablets and of course smartphones.

They’re in just about every pocket and the most recent smartphones from Microsoft and from Samsung if carried, a sort of a PC type capability where you can plug them into a screen, a keyboard and, and mouse which has been interesting. But you couldn’t run all your, traditional software and it just really didn’t have the full computing power of a standard PC.

Well, that’s changed, the compute card from Intel puts an Intel I-7 chip onto this credit-card sized computer.
Now, you might be wondering, “What can I do with a credit-card sized computer?”

Well, it’s got no screen, doesn’t have any of that. What you do is it will plug into a screen and then the future I can imagine, plugged into a laptop that doesn’t have its own power, plug into a tablet.

So, that’s really what this is about but imagine a next wave will be much like those smartphones that can link into a full-blown computer but then taking it the next level where you would just keep it in your pocket and it would wirelessly connect to whatever computing device.

Maybe you walk up to a wall with a projector and it connects to that, so you will be able to have that full computing power, full-blown computer but it just disappears into the device you’ll carry, smartphone or whatever the next great innovation is that we carry with us.

That’s where we’re hitting, and we’re here today with the launch of this compute card.

So, what does it mean for us? Well, what I recommend is, don’t wait for the next wave of technology, always be keeping current.

The benefit of that for you is if you’re on something a little bit older, it’s going to be holding you back. So jumping on board with what’s current right now will probably help you out in your business, in whatever you’re doing on a computer, so don’t be left behind.

Of course, be thinking about what this next wave of innovation might enable you to do and there’s probably some great benefits that we will see in time.

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