COVID-19 has lead to an unprecedented level of digital transformation in a very short space of time. But most of it was dictated by necessity – to work from home for many businesses – or to offer online ordering and deliveries for restaurants, cafes and retailers that may not have already being doing so.

A mistake many businesses have been making is they are stopping the digital transformation just as it’s getting started. However, I believe history will show that those businesses who committed to continuous digital enablement and innovation will be key amongst the success stories of tomorrow.

What should businesses focus on from a digital transformation perspective?

It starts with empathy for those who matter to your business – your team, your customers and your business partners and any other stakeholders. How can your improve things for these people? For instance, can you make any of these things easier?

    • Communications – for instance, is it time to provide a chatbot to help customers 24/7
    • Purchasing – getting prices, checking stock, placing orders
    • Could returning products involve a simplified online process
    • Feedback – are you surveying your customers and getting a digital pulse on our service, your products and overall customer satisfaction?
    • Staff satisfaction – are you collecting digital satisfaction surveys so you have a continuous view of staff satisfaction?
    • Hiring – could you make it easier for potential team members to present themselves to you via a digital hiring portal?
    • Do you have an online learning programme so staff can continue to learn and grow throughout their tenure?

Who can help?

You don’t need to be a technically inclined person to take advantage of technology. I love working with people who are and willing to bring change and innovation into their organisations. I don’t judge someone based on their technological prowess at all – I look for and openness and willingness to take advantage of the tremendous leverage of technology.

Likely you’ll be able to find a relevant business and technology expert who can help you as I do with my clients. And you may well already have people on your team who would love to be part of your digital transformation.