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UberEats Auckland NZ Review and discount code

Last year I had a chance to try our Uber Eats before it launched in New Zealand – whilst I was in Canada and the USA. Needless to say UberEats was a really easy to use method of ordering food for delivery. Now it has launched in Auckland so I tried it out by putting in an order for my team at Gorilla Technology in central Auckland.


My video review of UberEats Auckland New Zealand


In short UberEats has the following benefits:

  • Easy ordering from the UberEats app
  • UberEats is linked to your existing Uber account so they already have your payment details and address if you use Uber today
  • There is a good selection of local eateries – including Pizza, Thai, Indian and Mexican food – amongst others
  • The app provides an estimated arrival time of the food, and shows where your delivery is once it leaves the restaurant
  • With so many drivers to draw on, many UberEats orders arrive in 25-40 minutes from an order being placed
  • Prices are reasonable being the same as takeaway prices plus a $5.99 delivery fee

What’s not to like? Well, Uber have been in the media recently for a number of mistakes with some promoting users to delete the Uber app. To start with UberEats in NZ is limited to just Central Auckland. Also, I was told be one local restaurant that Uber take 35% of the transaction and they said that is too much to leave them with any profit. With such a good variety of local eateries offering food via UberEats it seems some restaurants and takeaways disagree and seem able to make it work.

How do you try UberEats? Just install the iPhone or Android app – then use my discount code: eats-ubernz

The code above not only gives you a discount, but I get a discount too on my next order. So, if UberEats sounds like the method you’d like to use for you next meal, give it a try.

So what’s next in the world of Uber? It seems likely they’ll offer a formal courier deliver service of sorts. Though today many people already use Uber to move packages around for them. In terms of competition, word has it that competitor Lyft could be launching soon Internationally with New Zealand on their radar.

Tesla Model S arrives in New Zealand

Today Tesla have arrived in New Zealand, delivering eight Telsa Model S vehicles to customers at their official launch event in Auckland.

The initial Telsa retail store and service centre opens mid 2017 at 501 Karangahape Road, Auckland.

The Supercharger Network build starts in Hamilton with Superchargers at Turangi and Sanson also expected this year with Auckland and the South Island to be launched in the future.  In addition, over 100 ‘Destination Chargers’ are planned up and down New Zealand at locations such as locations resorts, hotels, shopping centres and public parking complexes.

Lots more details on the next NZ Tech Podcast episode.

Attached video is my first look at the Tesla Model S today.


Paul Spain discusses end of 3D TV producion

Paul Spain chatted with TV3’s Newshub about the demise of 3D Television. It was supposed to hail a new era for home entertainment, but the last two remaining major TV manufacturers have discontinued making 3D Televisions. LG and Sony followed Samsung by dumping production due to a lack of demand.

For more – visit TV3’s Newshub

Microsoft Build – Windows 10 now installed on 270+ million PCs


This morning Microsoft Build kicks off in San Francisco at 8.30am (4.30am NZ time). I’m in San Francisco and will be sharing some of my impressions here on my blog.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella started his keynote asking many questions – such as whether technology helps our hinders our values, whether technology is helping or hindering privacy. And he answered those questions positively highlighting Microsofts mission to “Empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more”.

“We live in a mobile first and cloud first world” states Satya – it’s about the mobility of people across all their devices. Cloud is a new form of computing that enables this mobility.”

Nadella highlighted numbers – such as Microsoft Azure Active Directory being used by over 5-million businesses and Windows 10 now being installed on over 270-million users.

Terry Myerson showed off numerous improvements in ‘inking’ (drawing and writing on a tablet with a stylus) that are coming with the upcoming ‘Anniversary Update’ coming to Windows 10 as a free update in Winter (Summer in the US). Demonstrations should improved inking in Word, PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator.

Other areas that have so far attracted attention:

  • Linux components such as the Bash shell is coming to Windows 10 (via Ubuntu) – and more shells coming soon
  • A converter to bring existing Windows applications and their installers to world of Universal Windows apps
  • The Universal Windows Platform means developers writing games can have the same code run on both Windows and Xbox One
  • Developers can convert their retail Xbox to a dev machine so they can test and run Universal Windows apps they are developing on their Xbox
  • Cortana and background music are amongst features coming to Xbox One in the upcoming Anniversary Update
  • Bots are becoming the new apps – and chat bots like the new browser
  • Cortana is the personal digital assist that is focussed on the user – not about a device – so it will work any device (Windows, iOS, Android)
  • The Windows 10 Anniversary Update improves Cortana – for instance developers can produce proactive ’Experts for Cortana’
  • Skype now has 300-million users and over 3-billions minutes of calls per month – and integration with external services and bots is now coming up – including integrations with Cortana, Slack, video text transcription (using the tech from Skype Translator), and things such as automated proactive suggestions (offer to add an event you’ve discussed into your calendar, offer to book you a hotel for a trip and automating the process, and offer to connect you with a close friend in a city you’re visiting).
  • Skype video bots will be coming with the new Skype Bot Software Developers Kit (SDK)
  • Skype for Hololens has been announced
  • Microsoft is launching ‘Cortana Intelligence Suite’ – a bot framework offering cognitives services and machine learning – to integrate with Cortana, Skype, Slack, Line
  • Microsoft has announced the Microsoft Bot framework – setup to integrate with integrate with systems such as Slack and Skype – and with Node.js or C#
  • Microsoft are making Cognitive Services available to developers – for instance advanced image recognition and voice recognition capabilities

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