So, this week in San Jose, California, Apple have been holding their worldwide Developer’s Conference. Lots and lots of announcements, the highlights are around new Apple Mac’s refreshers with the iPad Pro and also, the HomePod.

My Thoughts

So, it’s clear to say that some Mac fans’ been losing a bit of faith in Apple because a lot of the Macs just hadn’t been refreshed for a long time.

Well, this week, Apple’s gone a long way to putting that right. We’ve seen a refresh with the iMac and with all of the MacBooks to a degree at least. So, that’s certainly going to help.

We’ve also had announcements around the upcoming iMac Pro, an incredibly powerful new Mac that will start at 5,000 USD.

So, this is really focused on the professional market but it’s great to see Apple committed to those professionals again.

Also coming through in the future is the new Mac Pro, also, very much a professional end product. We’ve got a refresh with the iPad Pro and the software changes there.

They’re going to make the iPad Pro, I think, a whole lot more useful for those that are wanting to ditch their Mac, ditch their laptop and actually just operate from a tablet so this is great news.

The other thing that Apple have announced, it’s still someway off, it’s going to be December before it launches but it’s the HomePod.

Now, the HomePod, I guess competes with things like the Sonos, speakers, that people have around their homes and also with other speaker-assistant products such as the Amazon Echo launching at 350 USD in December in three countries.

This is looking pretty interesting, Apple certainly bringing the unique take to this space.

So, what does it all mean for you? Well, I think for individuals, who are using a Mac, and you’ve been waiting for that refresh, now might be the right time.

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any refresh on the Mac Mini so that’s one that’s being left out and only a very minor update to the MacBook Air so that’s not a product I would recommend anyone buying at the moment. But if you need to refresh what you’ve got, have a look at what’s available.

Now, there’s all sorts of benefits of keeping your technology up-to-date and you know, organizations are making sure they get great outcomes with technology.

They want their staff to be productive, and they people want to enjoy what they’re working on and certainly don’t want interruptions from old, failing technology.

So, lots of benefits for keeping up-to-date and in terms of the new speaker from Apple, well, that’s a pretty interesting one. I’m looking forward to getting hands-on it but that’s still a way off. If you can’t wait, well, go out and get something that serves your needs now.

Hey, that’s it for me this week. Thank you very much for joining me. You can keep up-to-date with my videos, newsletters by visiting – Alright, I’ll see you again for my video, this time, next week.