Apple have launched a new generation of iMac desktop computers today. Each of these new generation iMac systems feature a quad-core Intel Sandy Bridge Core i5 or Core i7 CPU and the associated chip set.

Alongside the faster CPU is the addition of faster graphics courtesy of the AMD Radeon HD (6750M, 6770M or 6970M), 720p HD webcam, Thunderbolt (aka Light Peak) 10GB/s connectivity and an SDXC slot (also supports SD and SDHC cards). Apple advise the CPUs deliver up to 1.7x faster performance than in the previous generation of iMacs – and that video is up to 3x faster.

The new iMac Product has launched online globally today. Pricing for 21.5" iMac begins at US$1199, AU$1399, NZ$1999, UKP999.

The included Thunderbolt connectivity from Intel was also a component of the new Mac Book Pro systems launched by Apple earlier in the year. Thunderbolt delivers 10GB/s to connected devices – such as other computers, monitors, external storage or video cameras.