This just in via a Press Release issued by Crown Fibre Holdings this morning:

Crown Fibre Holdings (CFH) has announced the selection of a further three parties for priority negotiations in the ultra-fast broadband (UFB) initiative.

The three parties are:

  • Telecom Corporation of New Zealand Limited: covering 25 candidate areas;
  • Enable Networks: covering Christchurch and Rangiora ; and
  • Flute Joint Venture represented by Aurora Energy Limited: covering Dunedin

These three parties have provided attractive proposals to CFH , including a combination of access prices in line with those announced last week, the ability to complete the UFB build within the Government’s allocated budget, as well as having industry experience and financial strength,” said CFH Chairman Simon Allen.

“CFH is very encouraged by these three proposals. In combination with the approved binding offers from Northpower Limited and UltraFast Fibre Limited, these parties have potential to deliver nationally consistent access prices at attractive levels. This provides confidence that the complete UFB initiative can be built within the government’s allocated budget.”

“CFH is also open to these parties partnering in their candidate areas in order to deliver greater infrastructural utilisation. Such partnering will be a matter between the parties,” Mr Allen added.

“Negotiations in the next phase will be focussed on the three parties named today, as well as Alpine, but it should be noted that discussions will still continue with all respondents previously shortlisted.”

“We are on track to achieving the Government’s UFB objective. The inaugural deployment will be commencing this week in Whangarei, so building the UFB network is now underway,” said Mr Allen. “I look forward to negotiations progressing to extend the UFB rollout to further towns and cities as a matter of priority.”

The UFB initiative will lead to exciting consumer product offerings as well as enabling increased productivity for business and improving service delivery in health and education.